Pinak Ray


“I want to thank you so much for operating on me and doing such a fabulous job. My recovery was really good and I was careful but truthfully was always ahead of time. By 9 months all tightness and pain had gone and I was power walking and doing yoga weekly which really helped it so much. March 31st was the year, and I am now running gently and slowly on the treadmill occasionally, which I never thought I would! I am truly thankful to you and just wanted to let you know.”

Miss ST

“After twenty plus years of pain in both ankles as a result of injuries received in playing hockey, and suffering with Bi Lateral Osteoarthritis. I was referred to Mr. Pinak Ray at BMI Kings Oak Hospital. Enfield.    I underwent a TAR on my left ankle on February 10th. 2017. From the moment of anaesthetic being administered I have not had pain in that ankle. My immediate recovery was two nights in hospital, then three weeks in a plaster cast, and four weeks in an Aircast boot.

After the boot was removed I was able to drive again plus take part in playing bowls again with care and moderation, still without pain in my replaced ankle. I had two visits for physio and always done my exercises to the letter, still with the problem of severe discomfort from my right ankle.  Ten weeks have now passed and still no pain, walking better with a much-improved lifestyle. I have enormous gratitude to Mr. Ray. I feel extremely fortunate in my referral to him.”

Mr AH, 79 years, April 2017

I have been playing football regularly since the end of May and have had no problems with my achilles so far. I just wanted to say thank you 🙂

Mr SW July 2017

Mr Bob Chatterjee

“Your advice that an operation will not be a good thing for me at the moment was music to my ears, as I love leading a holistic, natural life. You are one of the most incredible people I have ever met in my life… It was an honour to meet you.”

Anonymous patient, June 2017

“Bob was so calming, it was just absolutely perfect… The hospital was clean, comfortable; the ladies that came round with meals were absolutely wonderful. I truly couldn’t fault it.”

Mr GR, November 2016

“I have never felt so much health buzzing in my body as I feel now after my operation. You have made me a new person and I am so grateful for that. I have always been an assertive person but that pain for over two years made me feel as I was losing it. I thank you so much for restoring my confidence. May your good work continue to shine on everybody your hands touch.”

Mrs JL, October 2014

Mr Simon Mellor

“I was very pleased with the service provided for an ACL reconstruction. Mr Mellor gave clear information and advice, and I gained a lot of reassurance and peace of mind from his knowledge and experience.”


Joyti Saksena

I went to see Mr Saksena because I was having significant problems with my knee. I had pain daily, walking was a real difficulty and I was not able to go up or down stairs which was incredibly inconvenient.

I wasn’t able to do any of the usual sports and activities that I liked to do prior to surgery and decided that it was time to do something about it. Mr Saksena performed the surgery at BMI Cavell and I only had to stay in hospital for three days after which I returned home. I walked with a stick for just a few weeks after surgery as I got my confidence back and my strength grew.

Looking back the time was definitely right for me to get my knee replaced. I am normally very active and getting to the point where I couldn’t really walk was very frustrating.

Since surgery eight weeks ago I have been able to walk without pain and I can now go up and down stairs again! I have also enjoyed getting back on the bike and have been swimming as well, all things that were impossible for me prior to surgery!

I am very happy with the result and would definitely recommend Conformis surgery as I was able to have a knee that was made just for me. Mr Saksena is not only a great surgeon but also a very compassionate man and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

MW, May 2018

“I came out of my final physiotherapy session, 9 weeks after the hip replacement, walking the few hundred metres to where the car was parked when I realized I had a spring in my step- a feeling I haven’t felt for years- I now enjoy walking again rather than being something I felt I had to do to keep the joint moving despite the limp and pain”.

DB May 2017

“From the first appointment with Mr. Saksena, I was comprehensively taken care of and made aware of the processes required going into the decision to have reconstructive surgery on my ACL. With the excellent services available at Highgate I had an MRI scan to confirm the need for the surgery the same day, before promptly being booked in at a time that best suited me.”

“I am now back on my feet and well into my recovery less than 5 months after the fall, which is nothing shy of astonishing. Mr. Saksena’s approachable persona alleviated any unnecessary stress throughout the process, as I always felt able to assess the available options via an honest and informative discussion with him.”

IM June 2017

“We just can’t thank you enough Mr Saksena for everything you’ve done for our daughter. She’s played football for 14 years for Enfield Town Ladies and thanks to you; she will be collecting her 15 year award in May 2018. To say she’s got her life back is an understatement, As you know she previously played with the constant fear that her knee could give way at any moment. She lost her confidence in her playing ability and herself. But due to your skill, care and attention, we have our daughter back.”

ST Oct 2017

“I had a total hip replacement 31st July 2017 under the care of Mr Joyti Saksena and his team. I found Mr Saksena to be very professional, friendly and had a calming effect. I was very nervous about the operation but Mr Saksena was very reassuring. He was totally approachable and put my mind at ease.  Even after discharge, there was always a number to ring and you could be seen by someone if you had any problems or questions. The whole team and hospital staff were wonderful.  My operation was a complete success and after only 6 weeks I am fully mobile and moving about unaided and pain-free.  Thank you ever so much to Mr Joyti Saksena and his team.

BH Sept 2017

“My knee replacement was a complete success and I am still enjoying my favourite sport of skiing.”

Mr ST Feb 2017

“Mr Saksensa was an amiable professional with a calming influence and caring nature. His team were friendly and supportive.”

Mr ST Feb 2017

“This is a brief testimonial for Mr Joyti Saksena who performed partial left knee surgery on my husband, Mr JM, the surgery itself has proved to be a success and my husband is now on the way to making a full recovery.  Mr Saksena was at all times extremely professional, approachable and he is obviously a surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience.”

“I am very grateful to Mr Saksena and his team for looking after my husband so well during this difficult time.”

 “With warmest regards and deepest thanks.”

JM Oct 2017

“I’m a seventy-three-year-old man that along with other physical leisure activities enjoys a round of golf two or three times a week.”

“Over the last two years, that pleasure was marred by the constant pain experienced from an osteoarthritic hip. I could, therefore, only play with a cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets to mask the condition. Over time the pain simply increased. Enough was enough and having been recommended to Mr Joyti Saksena, I sought his help in getting back on the road to normal fitness. A couple of weeks after the initial consultation and X-ray results, Mr Saksena and his team performed a total right hip replacement.”

“It is my opinion that Mr Saksena is a professional of the highest standard and his positive, caring and calm demeanour alleviated any concerns that I may have had regarding the procedure, aftercare and subsequent follow-up.”

“I am now so pleased to be able to say that the whole experience was significantly smoother and pain-free than I had ever imagined. There was a little post-op discomfort but that never migrated to pain at any time. I was able to tackle the required mobility exercises, as an inpatient, two days ahead of schedule and subsequent discharge. Simple exercises now form part of my daily routine to full fitness. Seven weeks post op and I walked the course playing my first pain-free gentle round of golf. My strength and flexibility improve weekly so the bottom line is that I’m now pain-free and one very happy bunny!”

DA Oct 2017

Mr Raijv Bajekal

‘On May 8th I had a steroid injection in my hip. On May 17th I noticed I was pain-free and have been pain-free ever since!’

LS May 2018

GP-MSK symposium May

Pinak Ray

‘I really liked the way Mr Pinak Ray taught about the foot, think for the first time I actually understand how to examine a foot properly – he is going to get my foot referrals from now on!’


‘Mr Ray did really well especially as had to do so much of the teaching himself! I didn’t have a go-to ‘foot specialist’ before but now I do!’

‘I really liked Pinak Ray – he was so enthusiastic about his speciality and I clearly didn’t fully understand plantar fascitis properly before his talk! Really great learning need filled!’

CPD – Other comments / suggestions and feedback:

‘The workshops were brilliant!! Really fantastic & appropriate teaching from some very lovely Consultants’

‘Very educational and excellently simplified, a proactive approach for better learning’

‘Great interactive workshops & good discussions’

‘Excellent for both educational content & format, would be keen to attend future events’

‘A really informative GP event with some very useful learning points & engaged Consultants’

Verbal Feedback from GPs on the consultants:

‘ This event was really good for my MSK knowledge! I was so impressed with how approachable all the consultants are and how much sense they made!’

‘ I think for the first time I actually understand how to examine  properly in a short consultation!’

‘The consultants were all so nice – really clear ‘triage approach’ and very useful – I would be happy to have them do a talk at our surgery’

‘Really friendly bunch! They worked so well together and there was very little repetition which is often what I have found with previous events’

They definitely thought about what GPs want to hear and it was refreshing to have teaching from consultants in such a relaxed, informal way- much like GP teaching!’

‘The combination of key note talks and workshops was really effective…perhaps a slightly later start next time!’

‘This event was so much better than I thought it would be – excellent attention form the consultants and nice to be able to have a some closer interaction in a small group space’

‘lots of useful resources and information!’

‘ I thought all the consultants put in so much effort – so nice to be able to have proper conversations with each other – I especially liked the way the shoulder team interacted with each other and with us!’

‘A very dynamic way to learn – things I learnt I will take back – makes a difference to be able to put faces to names…’

GP Lunch and Learn(s)

Feedback for Mr Dan Roussow July 2017

‘What a lovely consultant – really measured and clearly understands the way GPs learn’

‘I think that session was very helpful – the exercise part was really great!!’

‘I learnt a lot of tips during Mr Roussow’s talk today – he is so nice.’

‘Nice to see a Surgeon think like a Physician!’

‘Think I might go and see him myself for my shoulder!’

‘Thank you for the teaching – was very informative.’

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